After quite a few requests LOGO now has appliers available for Luck Inc's Phat Azz mesh bottom that matches the skin tones sold with our hybrid mesh avatars. All the skin tones are included for your convenience in 3 styles to match the stomach tone options available with the avatars.

~Max and Polly~

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LOGO now has appliers available for SLINK hands and feet that match the skin tones sold with our hybrid mesh avatars Sadie and Chloe. All the skin tones are included in each applier for your convenience, and include a french manicure for the nails.

Speaking of nails, LOGO also has a pack of 45 SLINK compatible manicures and pedicures (including several french options) available separately.   The pack includes both manicure and pedicure versions.

~Max and Polly~

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Sadie is here! Sadie is the second in our line of Hybrid Mesh Avatars.  (Ok, so this post is a little late, she came out like a month ago, we had some issues with our blog.)

What makes this Avatar special is the unique combination of a completely mesh head used in conjunction with a traditional Second Life body. The use of mesh in recreating the head means a more realistic looking face, better looking expressions, and higher resolution skin and makeup textures, while keeping the Second Life body means your clothes will still fit and you still have ability to alter your body shape.

The Logo Hybrid Mesh Avatar is interactive, meaning you can customize your makeup or change your facial expression with the click of a button.

There are 5 skin tones included. In order from lightest to darkest they are Alabaster, Bloom, Almond, Amber and Cocoa. For each tone you'll find 2 folders, Default and Options.

In the Default folder you'll find all the items you need to wear to get the full Avatar with the default look:

1 Hybrid Body shape
1 Hybrid Mesh Head
1 Infinity Base Skin
1 Head Alpha
1 Eyes
1 Eyelashes
1 eyelids
1 Customization HUD
1 Rigged Human Ears

In the Options folder for each skin tone you will find:

1 Hybrid Mesh Head (which fits a Body Fat 16 body shape)
2 Infinity Base Skins (with alternate breast shading)
2 Stomach tattoo layers (for alternate stomach shading)
24 Nipple tattoos layers (8 alternate styles of nipples for each of the 3 different skin body styles)
1 Bottom tattoo layer (for alternate bottom shading)
2 Rigged Human Ears

We have also included another folder with a variety of ready to wear and modifiable body shapes in 2 sizes (body fat setting 0 and body fat setting 16). You can of course wear your current shape (with a few minor modifications). These shapes will work with any skin tone and have been designed to each compliment one of the different skin body styles as noted in the name of the shape however feel free to use any of the skin styles with each shape.

We also have add-on packs for more eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and eyes in the store.  All add-ons can be added to your HUD for seamless integration with the included makeup.

Sadie is available in our store or on the marketplace and demos for all options are available.

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By popular demand Logo is now offering applicators for Lola's Tango breasts in 2 styles that compliment the skins included in our Hybrid Mesh Avatar. Each style of applicators includes all 5 skin tones found in the Hybrid Mesh Avatar (alabaster, bloom, almond, amber and cocoa). Lola's Tango mesh breasts are not included but you can find them at Lola's HERE.

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NEW: Kaitlyn Rigged Mesh Hair

This hair is rigged mesh. Please try on a demo before purchasing.

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